Clay Soils

Soil Stabilization Can Help Prevent Expensive Repairs

Soil Stabilization:

We use a proven chemical that is an ion exchanger and reduces expansive soils up to 75%. This chemical changes the clay to a non-crystalline structure by substantially reducing the negative charge of the clay. As a result water intake is reduced and the clay cannot swell after treatment. The chemical reaction to the soil is irreversible making the effects permanent.

Our chemical injection process is 50% or more, faster and utilizes approximately 50% less water than other conventional methods such as water or lime injection.

Our chemical solution has been in production and used in many countries since its inception in 1990. The original use for this chemical was for roads and building pads when good soils were not available. This method was generally done with a water truck or water wagon mixed with layers of soil and compacted in lifts. Our chemical process is now used in a variety of applications.

Injection is the most cost effective way to stabilize the soil without any or very little excavation, and has been proven to strengthen soils 40-60% verses untreated soil. Highly expansive soils can be reduced to a PVR of 1-2" in most cases. Engineers will normally require less than 1% swell.

Superior Product

Chemical Soil Stabilizor is reliable, safe to use, guaranteed, and eco-friendly. Our chemists have been diligent to create a soil stabilizing formula that is non-harmful to the environment. Most soil stabilizers have an acid that will burn a person's skin upon contact. This chemical will not burn the skin and can be washed with water and mild soap.

This product is landscape friendly and minimally invasive making it the perfect solution for existing homes and buildings with expensive landscaping or concrete around the slab.

Many homes need some piering to correct excessive settlement. Once those piers are installed, the home can be treated with our soil stabilization and help prevent further settling of the home.

This product can also be used before you build, to stabilize the soil before the foundation pad is ever built.

We inject the ion exchanger into the soil around and under the foundation beam.
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