Frequently asked questions:

Q: What does foundation repair cost?
A: Foundation repair varies in cost from structure to structure. Some structures require more piers than others, each structure must be inspected by a trained professional in order to determine the extent of the repair needed.

What repair methods to avoid:

There are many methods being used for foundation repair. Some of these methods were tried in the 60's and 70's with limited or no success. Due to the soil conditions we have in this part of Texas, the only successful methods for repairing slab foundations involve pressing a pier into the sub-strata and building a resistance using the weight of the building to determine maximum depth.

These are some of the methods you might encounter during your research into foundation repair. Each method has it's pro's and con's listed:

Segmented Block (8"x8"x12"):
This is a relatively new system, it is used primarily by company's who do work for investors. These blocks are not intended to be pressed into the ground and they are made from 3000psi concrete. These blocks are solid house blocks, designed for use in Pier & Beam foundation systems. They cannot be pressed passed 3000psi (pressed pilings are driven from 6000 to 10000psi) and the failure rate is very high. The warranty on this system is usually very poor. Check out any company offering this repair method, chances are they will already have complaints that have not been properly addressed. Don't waste your hard earned money on this repair method.
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