Indications of Foundation Problems

Sinking foundations, cracked and buckled walls and uneven floors are problems commonly faced annually by some quarter-million homeowners. Homes and other structures situated on unstable soils settle when their foundations are subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack proper drainage. A shifting foundation may result in structural damage to your home and a loss of your investment.

Homeowners checklist of foundation failure warning signs:

  • Doors that stick and squeak
  • Separation of door sills from frames
  • Windows that stick
  • Cracks in interior walls near corners of doors or windows
  • Nails popping out of sheet rock
  • Wallpaper that curls and separates
  • Curling and tearing of existing sheet rock repairs
  • Leaks and cracks in and around the fireplace
  • Cracks in the exposed concrete grade beam of the house
  • Caulking that pulls away from exterior surfaces
  • Nails popping out of corner frames
  • Obvious cracks in brick and mortar
  • Cracks and uneven elevations in structures attached to adjoining patios.
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