Foundation Warranty Program:

Lifetime Service Agreement, slab foundation.

If the concrete foundation supported by piers installed by Accu-Pier Foundation Repair has settlement causing a slope in excess of one inch within a ten-foot span, the company will readjust the piers without cost to the owner for the life of the structure. This warranty may be transferred to all subsequent owners of the property. Terms and Conditions of Our Warranty Program

Accu-Pier Foundation Repair's Warranty Program will remain in effect on all work performed as long as the following provisions are satisfied:

  • The Contractor has been paid in full for all charges.
  • The structure has not been altered or additions made to it without prior written approval of the Contractor.
  • The structure has not suffered fire damage to any degree.
  • The structure has not been subjected to flood damage or standing water.
  • The structure is not sited on an active fault.

It is fully understood that, in order to perform the work identified by Accu-Pier Foundation Repair's Foundation Repair Agreement or any warranty work, sheetrock, wallpaper, or other rigid materials may crack. As a result, Accu-Pier Foundation Repair is not responsible for the repair or replacement of such materials.

While this warranty is transferable, there is a $175 transfer fee and all transfers must be completed no later than 60 days from the date of closing.

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